Family Practice/Pediatrics


Both facilities now offer pediatrics/family practice.

(call 704 844 8971 or 704 821 7056 for hours and appointments)

Walk-ins are welcomed!


                                  We are delighted to present Natalia Gonchar FNP-C  


Certified Family Nurse Practitioner by the American Academy

of Nurse Practitioners from UNC Charlotte

BSN and MSN from UNC Charlotte.

Experience includes medical-surgical care, home health

care services, and preventive health promotion

educational activities within the local community.

Culturally sensitive and internationally traveled.

She speaks Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian.

She is caring and will deliver compassionate, and

dedicated care for your children and family.






                                                                                                   Natalia Gonchar, FNP-C

                                                                                                   Consulting Physician:

                                                                                                     Abdul K. Garuba, MD (Internal Med.)

                                                                                                     George Raad, MD (Family Practice)




Certified Family Nurse Practitioner by the American        

Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

BSN in 2007 from Dominion University.

Master's Degree in Nursing from UNC Charlotte.

Six years experience with pediatric rehabilitation and  

pediatric medical-Surgical care, including adult   

observation care.

She enjoys working with families as a unit, with compassion, 

dedication and continuity.

She looks forward to taking care of you and your family






Steffanie Sullivan, FNP-C

Consulting Physicians:

Abdul K. Garuba, MD (Internal Med.)

George Raad, MD (Family Practice)